Heimili og skóli  (Home and School) is the National Parent´s Association in Iceland. The association is independent of the government, political parties and religious organisations.  Its members are parent´s organisations at schools and individual parents.

Heimili og skóli is an advisory body for parents and parent´s organisations in schools.  The association also works with the government as a member of various committees on schools and education, the co-operation of homes and schools and on matters  concerning children and families.

Heimili og skóli was established September 17th. 1992.  Our main agenda is to work towards a better environment for the upbringing and education of children in Iceland.


How to contact us:
E-mail: heimiliogskoli@heimiliogskoli.is
Phone:  +354 562 7475
Mail address:  Heimili og skóli, Suðurlandsbraut 24, 108 Reykjavík, Iceland